Lonely Hearts

lonely Girl

Lonely hearts: Finding God’s love and care in loneliness, depression and bereavement.

Has  this ever happened to you? You wait and wait for a bus to come, and then three arrive at once;  as for me, I wish it was just busses!  Sadly, perhaps you  may know the feeling, there were  times in my life  when I  felt lonely, depressed,  and full of grief  for the loss of a loved one, that it was  difficult  to know whether I was depressed  because of my loneliness, or the experience of bereavement;  either way, they all just seem to come at once. Worse still, even in the company of friends I could  hear myself saying  – thankfully they couldn’t:  ‘Am I a nobody to everybody, does anyone care?’ Then by chance, although faith tells us that God doesn’t work by chance, unlike busses, I came across a verse from one of the psalms in the Bible and suddenly felt in my heart Just  how much God  loves  and  cares for us,  as  if  we  were the only one. This gave me the hope to believe that  I too was included, so it is now a joy for me to share with you the psalm that led me to encounter the God of my past, present and future too.

Psalm 139  “O God  you search me and  you know me,  all my thoughts  lie open to you gaze. When I walk you are there before me, ever the maker and keeper of my days. You know my resting and  my rising;  you discern my purpose from afar. And with love everlasting you beseech me, in every moment of my life you are. Before a word is on my tongue, you’ve known it’s meaning through and through. You’re with me beyond my understanding, God of my past, present, and future too.”……………………………………………………………………………Click to continue: Discover God’s presence in your life

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 The God of silence beckons you…..

Thank you.