Explanation Miraculous Medal

miraculous medal version 3God’s chosen design has Mary on the face of the Medal,  standing on the world with the serpent  beneath her feet,  and rays of light emanating from her hands; an image portrayed in Milton’s epic poem:  “Paradise Lost,”  telling  how God created  Adam and Eve in His own image  and  likeness,  perfect in nature, dwelling in His presence in perpetual  joy.  But sadly,  their blessed existence was snatched from them by the deceit and envy of satan,  with  his false and empty promise of a life independent of God,  in which  they  would be  the  masters  of  their destiny –  gods in  their own  right  – it  seems that human thinking has changed  little in our search  for happiness in anything and everything,  but  the love of  God.  Through  their  disobedience  – pride of heart – Paradise was lost, but not for ever,  for in that moment of calamity God  turned to the serpent and  propheised  that He would put enmity between him and the Woman, between her and his seed,  and she with her heel would crush his head  (Genesis 3 v.15 ).  The woman being Mary,  her  seed Jesus our God and Saviour and all who recognize and follow Him as the way, the truth, and the life.

The reverse of the medal  has at it’s centre the cross of  salvation on an altar ( the horizontial bar ),  interlinked with the letter  M.  An image portraying the fulfillment of that ancient prophecy,  the restoration of  paradise through the death of Jesus  – the seed of Mary –  on the cross at Calvary. Below the altar are the hearts of Jesus and Mary symbolizing their love for us whilst the  circle of  thorns  and  the pierced  sword  indicate the  pain  and  suffering  they endured in making this sacrifice for us.  It has been my experience and  perhaps yours too, that love  and  suffering  seem to be insepreable companions, especially when we lose a loved one, a dear friend has cancer; or our love for someone is not returned, we are ignored, despised, forgotten, and taken for granted, and it is just this experience that God reveals in the medal. He loves us so much whilst we,   maybe not intentionally, being so preoccupied with the natural things of life forget to turn to Him in prayer or even acknowledge His existence.  Thankfully, the Apostles believed and  lived lives of  love and self sacrifice in proclaiming the good news that God’s kingdom has come and is awaiting your arrival. In gratitude God honors them with the twelve stars placed around the outside of the medal.

Returning to the image of  Mary there is an  invitation to recite  daily the little prayer  encircling her:  “O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee,” as these words glorify God in his wisdom and  generosity in preserving her from original sin.  Mary, inturn offers us  through  the rays of light from her hands the wonderful gifts and graces from the Holy Spirit,  so that we too can live and enjoy a closer union in the  presence of God;  gifts in the form of kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness, thought-fullness;  virtues that we consider beautiful in each other, that restore us once again to the image and likeness of God, making our hearts a paradise for Him to dwell in.

Should  you  wish to receive a medal  for yourself  or someone in need,  or perhaps a  little booklet  of  prayer and  consolation for a friend  suffering  from bereavement, cancer or anxiety of heart then please do not hesitate to contact me at:   francis@heartspeaksuntoheart.com  and I will arrange for for them to be sent to you.