Miraculous Medal

Miraculous medal

The quotation: “A picture says more than a thousand words;” is very apt when it comes to describing the Miraculous Medal, as all the words ever spoken fall short in telling the story of this precious gift, designed  by the greatest architect  the world has ever known – Almighty God – so that you may come to know His love. Without a word more, perhaps we could  let our imagination enter the happiness of  heaven,  to a meeting with  God  Our Father  at  which Mary is present; He shares with her His sorrow  that so many of us resist His  loving ways  in preference for a  life of  independence,  to be masters of our own destiny, forgetting that in Him we live, move and  have our  being.  A decision is made!  Mary  will  appear to Catherine  Laboure’ a French  Nun and reveal God’s plan that a medal should be struck and made available to all, so that in the busyness of life, that leaves little or no time for prayer or reading the bible etc. we may be inclined to consider the wonder of  our being  in this  gift  from  God.  Furthermore,  it has  been my  experience  that the simple acceptance of the medal and what it stands for, especially in times of need, can bring us an inner peace, a healing in body and soul that only the love of God can give; and so from 1830 this is exactly what has been happening….Click to continue: Discover in the Miraculous Medal God’s design for you.