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Suffering Hearts: In helping us to bear the burden of suffering and it’s impact on our lives, Jesus told His disciples that: “Whatsoever is done to the least of  His  little  ones  is done  unto  Him;”  as He indentified  Himself  with the prisoner in need of  a visit,  but more  often than not despised;  the naked and hungry one, dependent on our love and sympathy  (Gospel of Matthew – chapter 25).  Therefore, and perhaps you would agree,  that our God also inhaled the gas and held each prisoner’s hand in their nakedness and shame; that He endured our sister’s pain and her chemo too; and gasped the last breath of our  dying  son;  whilst,  in every act  that abuses a child,  He is violated  too in  a  life  that was filled with betrayal.  So perhaps I am the one asleep in my forgetfulness that: “Whatsoever is done to the least of His little ones is done unto Him.”  Mindful of this and God’s involvement,  I’ve come to realize that  suffering  doesn’t have to be  isolated  and in its  nature can bring  us  closer to God;  that  it  has  a loving  purpose,  which  is  best understood when we experience  the  desire to  gladly  take  upon  ourselves  the  suffering  of  another in  exchange  for our  composed,  and  inadequate  bedside  sympathy.  St. Maximilian  (pictured in the previous page),  a prisoner  at Auschwitz, voluntarily  gave up  his life in order to save a fellow prisoner,  as Jesus gave up His life to save every one of us in a supreme act of love.  A love which we to can practise in a small way,  when we  receive with equal contentment from God’s hand, either consolations or suffering, peace or distress, health or illness.

In waking up from the slumber of  my forgetfulness  I still see suffering as a mystery,  but a more acceptable one,  especially in light of  how much Jesus suffers with and for us, that our pain is His, which the prophet Isaiah understood when he described Him as: “The man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, from whom we did hide and esteemed Him not.” Let us then pause for a moment, close our eyes and enter into  the intimacy of our hearts, in  the  belief that we are God’s precious children and in our times of trial He carries us  –  if we will let Him be our footprints in the sand  (see prayer on previous page). Therefore,  I  invite  you  to let me carry  a  little of your burden,  to explore together the deep waters of  faith;  and  if  you wish to ask a question,  share a problem, or  need  a  prayer,  then please do not hesitate to contact me in the confidence that all  matters discussed  go no further  from us  than to God.

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  “He will carry you”