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Lonely Hearts: In my need to be loved, there were times when I sought its substitute in the wonders of the world, the enjoyments of life, only to discover the real wonder,  that God  had  been waiting  patiently  for me to turn to Him and  receive His free  gift  of  love that  the world could not give. A love that helped  me to believe, that when we enter into His gentle presence our departed ones are there too,  gone no further from us than to Him,  who is nearer to us than the air we breathe.  A love  that  helps us in our hardships  and  disappointments of  life;  especially when the burden  of depression weighs us down, and our souls have lost their sense of  direction.  A love that gives us the courage to take our days  one  by  one, in  the  belief  that the hard things of yesterday are gone, that we’re not asked to bear what tomorrow might have in store, so that our burden becomes lighter when taken “bit by bit  –  day by day.” Most of all,  I realized that loneliness can be a means to an end, as it can be difficult to find God in noise and restlessness,  for it is in the silence of the heart, the gentle whisper, that God speaks, whilst listening to Him is the beginning of prayer.

Furthermore,  in the loneliness  of  life there  were times,  perhaps you have felt the same, when I wanted to pour my heart out to someone who would be touched by my concerns, who would share my joys and worries, so it was a blessing to discover that Jesus could be that someone, who wants to be with us in all the eventualities of life – good, bad or indifferent –  a friend in need, and deed. Let us now pause for a moment, close our eyes and enter into the intimacy  of our hearts to experience  the love  of  God,  and know that our hearts  can  be a place to meet Him,  to welcome Him,  the maker and keeper of our days,  the God of our present,  past,  and future too.  Therefore,  I invite you to entrust your heart to God’s loving  care in the certainty,  that in every moment of  your life He is there.  So let us explore the deep  waters of faith,  and if you  wish to ask a question,  share a problem,  or need a prayer,  then please do not hesitate to contact me in the confidence that all matters discussed go no further from us than to God.

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 The God of silence beckons you…..