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Heart-felt Prayer: In  seeking God in the gentle  voice of prayer,  a great mystery for me,  and perhaps you too,  is why He is so mindful of us, making us the centre of His universe? We have evidence of His personal interest in us from an entry that appeared  in the  diary of  St. Faustina a Polish Nun when God visited her with the following request: “My daughter why do you not tell  Me everything that concerns you,  even the smallest details.  Tell me about everything, and know that it will give me great joy.”  She answered:  “But you know about everything,  Lord,” to which He replied: “Yes I do Know, but you should not excuse yourself with the fact that I know, but with child-like simplicity talk to me about everything,  for my ears and heart are inclined  toward you, and your words are dear to me.” In hoping that my prayer is dear to God, I now try to adopt this child-like  approach in what I say and do, in the belief that prayer is simply conversation with God – even if it’s only about the silliest of things – but as necessary for our wellbeing,  as the water that surrounds and sustains the fish of the sea; as we live, move, and have our being in the presence of God, which prayer acknowledges.

In the  “ups and downs” of life,  I have come to realize that prayer can  be a place  of refuge  for every worry;  a foundation  for cheerfulness;  a source of  constant  happiness and  protection  against  sadness.  Let us  then  pause for a moment,  close our eyes and enter into the  intimacy of  our  hearts, to experience in  prayer  a  foretaste of the life to come,  the  honey  of  eternity,  as the sweetness of God’s  love  flows  into  our  hearts, making  all things  possible. Should we doubt the value of such, then perhaps our first prayer could be: “Lord I believe, but help my unbelief.” Therefore,  I invite you to trust in a faith that mirrors God’s kindness and compassion in the belief that: “Our life is fragile and we should  handle with prayer.” So let us explore the deep waters of faith, and if you wish to ask a question, share a problem, or need a prayer, then please do not hesitate to contact me in the confidence that all matters discussed go no further from us than to God.

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 Finding God in “The Prayer”