Hidden 2

Heart Matters: In seeking my destiny with God at the helm,  I have found  myself wondering,  and  perhaps  you  have  too,  why  have we the life that we have, for  we could easily have been a stone or a tree but no  –  God gave us a  “heart-beat”  in time for eternity.  Yet,  how  easily we abuse this precious gift of time, how little we think of  it, as we neglect those golden moments when,  like busy bees,  we could be gathering honey for eternity – God’s sweet love. St. James the apostle appreciated the value of this gift when he compared his life to:  “a mist  that appears for a little while and  then vanishes.” So let’s pause for a moment, take time out from our busy lives and waste it with God,  for  He  has  all  the  time in  the world for us;  maybe  through  prayer; reading a passage from the bible;  or caring for someone. St. Francis shared in his prayer above, that choosing to walk in God’s loving ways was the best way that he could spend his life and it filled him with joy to know that God could be found among the people.  Many  Christians dedicate  their  lives  with  love for those who are lonely, marginalized or excluded, because it is in them that the reflection of Christ’s own face is seen. It is a faith that enables us to recognize Christ, and it is His love that impels us to assist Him whenever He becomes our neighbour, and it is this way of being and living that I would love to share with you.

In  wanting  to  love  God  in  my  neighbour,  I came to realize that  in our human relationships,  there are moments  when  we  need  to  trust and  make a commitment  – despite the uncertainties. Likewise, God calls us to trust in Him, to believe in His promise given to the prophet Isaiah:  “That He will never forget us, as our names are carved in the palm of His hand.”  Let  us  pause  for  a  moment,  close  our  eyes  and enter into  the intimacy of our hearts to experience the love of God in a faith that bears good fruit.  A faith that helped the saints to live their lives in love  and forgiveness,  by uniting themselves  perfectly to the will of God. It would have been their greatest delight to pile up sand on the seashore, or to pull up weeds in a garden  for eternity,  if they found out that such was the will of God. Therefore, I invite you to trust in a faith that is capable with God’s love,  of changing your life for ever, so together let us explore the deep waters of faith, and if you wish to ask a question, share a problem,  or need a prayer,  then please do not hesitate to contact me in the confidence that all matters discussed go no further from us than to God.

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 Our “Everyday God” in the hustle and bustle of life.