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About: In  my search for God I was helped  along the way when I read  the book: “Where there is love, there is God,” telling how Mother Teresa cared for the poor and hungry. Her  selfless  way  of  living  led me  to  believe that God  could  be  found among the people  in a love not of do’s and don’ts,  but of kindness and  compassion,  a  language  we all  understand;  for  even  the  blind  can  see it,  and the deaf  can  hear  it.  A  love  that lifts  us  above  our imagination, to let us know that we are unique, beautiful, very special, and of great worth;  for God loves each one of  us as  if  there  were only one of us. Furthermore,  as if such were possible,  our faults  and  failing, no matter how large they seem,  become  as  tiny grains  of sand  next to the  mountain of God’s love and forgiveness. God loves us just the way we are, and desires that we let His light illuminate every  corner  of our lives,  enabling the warmth of His healing presence to flow into our hearts, renewing and restoring us.

With this in mind and your happiness at heart,  it would  be a joy for me to share with you the Faith,  Hope and  Love that I  have found,  as it has been my experience that the tinniest seed planted in the poorest of soil (myself),  with God’s love and light can grow into something meaningful.  Therefore,  I offer you my faith in the belief that you may never know that Jesus our God is all you need, until He is all you have. My hope, in that your  heart will  be open to the gentle  voice  of  God  speaking to you;  perhaps at this very moment,  maybe  in  the  small voice  of conscience.  Lastly,  I offer you my love, in that I have found a treasure beyond measure,  a pearl of great price,  that increases in value the more it is given  away,  especially if  it is  shared  with  you. My invitation then, is for  you  to consider a faith  that is simply a personal  encounter with  God,  in the certainty  that  if you  take  one step  towards Him, He will already be there,  waiting  with  open  arms.  So why  not  explore the deep waters  of  faith,  and  if  you  wish to ask a question,  share  a  problem,  or  need  a  prayer,  then please do not hesitate to contact me in the confidence that all matters discussed go no further from us than to God.

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“God’s love letter to you.”