Suffering Hearts

Footprints in the sand 2Suffering Hearts: Finding God in the man of sorrows, acquainted with grief. 

Have you ever like  me, asked one of those difficult questions such as: “God, where were you when millions of helpless Jews were exterminated. When our sister died  of cancer and  our son committed  suicide.  When  the innocent child  was abused,  and the faithful spouse was betrayed  by  a  partners  infidelity.  Were you as some say asleep, or a billion miles away in another galaxy. Oh  God,  where were you when we needed you most?” I know from my own experience, that  it’s easy to love God  when things are going  well, and when they’re not, it’s even easier to blame God; for there’s no doubting the fragility of life, but accepting suffering and it’s consequences can be a difficult, if not impossible burden to bear. Moreover, it is in these times of trial that we really need God’s love and care,  to cradle and comfort us,  to be a light in the darkness of our sorrow.  A light that reveals the humanity of God in the person of Jesus – “The man of sorrows acquainted with grief.”………………………..Click to Continue: Discover how much God wants to carry you

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  “He will carry you”

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